[NOTICE] Worldwide Shipping Service

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope all is well.

1LDK Seoul currently provides worldwide shipping service all over the world.


We provide goods at a reasonable price in many ways and it will be a huge benefit for you.

Also, our priority belief is “Sell Worthy Brands”. So, you can trust our brands “Heritage”, “Design” and “Quality”.

In addition, we recently renewed our online store (www.1ldkshop.co.kr) to get more convenient service. (mobile page as well 🙂 )


Lastly, we provide 1LDK Seoul souvenir items “Ballpoint pen” and “Eco bag” to all customers who purchase world wide shipping.

ball peneco bageco ball pen

If you have any kind of concern, please contact us anytime.

Info: 1ldkseoul@1ldk.co.kr


Thank you and have a good day!



1ldk 약도




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